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About Us

The Club Book & Joy is founded by Dr. Mo Jones, who has dedicated his fifteen years to literacy education and effective communication. He currently teaches persuasive communication at Boston College (tenured) and a leading researcher in the field. Going through the pandemic, he realized that real-time online tools can offer the highest level of Boston education for kids from anywhere in the world. The Club Book & Joy is founded to offer the best education time for kids to:


  1. Critically engage with must-read stories, classics, and award-winning novels.

  2. Learn how to present their own ideas and effectively communicate with others. 

  3. Become a book lover and habitual reader.


Our debating topics and weekly writing assignments encourage our kids to become intelligent thinkers and effective communicators. Our team, consisting of professor networks and college students (e.g., from Harvard, NYU, BC, and UC Berkley), makes our best efforts to design the best curriculum.


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The Boston-based online book club that provides everything all at once.

(reading, debating, and writing

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The phenomenal growth of our kids’ literacy skills through

  • Monthly performance reports

  • Captured moment videos

Reading with Magnifying Glass


The best curriculum team (professors and top-ranking college students)

and book club teachers (No.1 MA public school teachers in the U.S.). 



Our utmost goal is to let our kids know

“Reading and Learning is an enjoyable, fun experience.”


Today’s reader is a future leader. 


The Club Book & Joy

Our Teacher
Our Teachers
Our teachers
Ashlie Swicker
  • Master of Education

  • Contributing writer to Book Riot

  • Current librarian in elementary school

  • Previous classroom teacher (17 years of experience)

I have been an early childhood educator for 17 years and am passionate about connecting young readers to great books. I firmly believe that all reading "counts," that audiobooks and graphic novels are excellent sources of literature, and that reading for pleasure is as important as academic reading. I love discussing plot, theme, and character motivation with my students and children at home. I can't wait to dive in and share stories with new readers!

Our teachers
Catherine Jreije-Knowlton
  • Master's in Elementary Education

  • Current public school teacher in MA (10 years of experience) 

One aspect that has consistently resonated with me is the power of fostering a love for reading in children. As a strong advocate for literacy, I am committed to unlocking the doors of imagination through the written word. Guiding young readers towards a world of limitless possibilities is an unwavering dedication to nurturing curiosity, empathy, and critical thinking. After all, it is within the pages of a book that a child discovers not only the richness of language but also the boundless realms of their own potential!

Julie Rondinelli
  • Masters in Special Education from Boston College

  • Current special education teacher in a co-taught classroom in MA  (13 years of experience)

  • Certified Wilson Teacher

As a dedicated special educator I am committed to fostering the joy of reading among students. With a passion for creating inclusive and supportive learning environments, I am devoted to empowering all students to not only acquire literacy skills but also cultivate a genuine enjoyment of books. I strive to make reading an accessible and fulfilling experience for every student under my guidance.

Bisso Headshot_edited.jpg
Heidi Bisso
  • Master's in Applied Linguistics

  • Current ELE Teacher in MA public school (24 years of experience)

  • Certified in English as a Second Language & Wilson Reading System

As a multilingual language teacher and Wilson phonics instructor, I love sharing my passion for reading, linguistics, and discussion and debate with young people. I encourage all of my students to find their voices, make connections, and share what they think and know about the world around them.

Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 10.06_edited.j
Liz Garden
  • Master's in Child Development, Early Childhood Literacy

  • Current Elementary Principal with 16 years of experience

  • MFA Program for Creative Nonfiction Writing

  • Previous classroom teacher  

I remember spending most of my time in 1st grade reading my way through the school library, and I believe I have been in love with reading ever since. Now I get to spend my days as a literacy leader encouraging all of the young readers in my school. I truly believe that there is no such thing as a child who doesn't like reading; that child simply hasn't found the right book yet. Books make us better humans. I can't wait to connect with your reader!

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