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Starting 3/27 Wed 8:00pm (ET) 4-week

Starting 3/27 Wed 8:00pm (ET) 4-week

Class info

  • Grade 5 - 6
  • Course A 
  • Session: Mar 27 - Apr 19 (4 weeks)
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Time:  8:00 pm (ET)


Class Teacher


Course Overview

  • Read 2 books in 4 weeks.
  • Complete reading and writing assignments every week.
  • Engage in discussions and debates guided by a teacher.
  • Develop communication skills.
  • Approach book club meetings with an open and curious mindset, ready to listen and learn from others.


Course Instructions

  • Upon registration, you will receive class instructions for the first session.
  • We do not provide books. Students should buy or borrow books themselves.
  • Students are required to read the book before the class.


Dates for Classes

  • Week 1: Wednesday, Mar 27, 8:00 pm (ET)
  • Week 2: Wednesday, Apr 3,   8:00 pm (ET)
  • Week 3: Wednesday, Apr 10, 8:00 pm (ET)
  • Week 4: Wednesday, Apr 17, 8:00 pm (ET)


Note: Class size should be maintained between 3-5 students for effective debating. Please select an alternative available time during checkout. Refunds will be processed for canceled classes.

Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

"Flora & Ulysses" is a hilarious and heartwarming novel that follows the adventures of a young girl and a superhero squirrel, exploring themes of family, friendship, and imagination in a witty and clever narrative.

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